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  • Whether you're a regular caravanner or this is your first time venturing into the world of motor homes, you're in the right place. When it comes to spending your hard-earned cash on a used caravan, you want to make sure that you are getting the best value for money and that the used caravan you have chosen meets all of your requirements for your future holidays. Drawing on our many years of experience in helping customers buy their dream used caravans, we've created the Glossop guide to buying a used caravan.

    When buying a used caravan, you need to consider how many miles it has previously travelled, and whether the owner has kept it in good condition. A bit like cars, caravans depreciate in value, and it can actually be a good money-saving move to buy a nearly-new caravan, or a used caravan that is just a couple of years old. At Glossop Caravans, we put all of our used caravans through rigorous testing to ensure that they are in a premium condition before we sell them.

    However, the most important point when buying a used caravan is personal safety. Your vehicle should always weigh more than the caravan you are towing, which is why it is so important to select a caravan which is lighter than your car. Your car has a 'kerbweight' – this is the weight of your vehicle as it would be sitting in the kerb (i.e. without any passengers sitting inside it). When you know what your kerbweight is in kg, you know that you need to purchase a caravan that is no more than 85% of your car's kerbweight. The caravan's weight is known as the maximum technically permissible laden mass (MTPLM).

  • If you've decided to buy a used caravan shropshire, you'll need an idea of how you'd like your interior layout to look. Never choose a caravan based on its exterior appearance alone – it's all about how you can live inside it comfortably, and that all stems back to the layout of the van. Consider the following when deciding on the layout of your used caravan

    − Who will be sleeping inside it? (Adults, children, or both?)
    − How many beds will you need (these are known as 'berths' in the caravan world)
    − What will you use the caravan for? (Camping, active/outdoors holidays)
    − How active are you? (If you intend on doing lots of outdoor activities, you might need a van with a larger bathroom area to clean off and space to store outdoor gear)

    Used caravans and affordability

    It's always good to be realistic about your budget when considering buying a used caravan shropshire. You may have a dream caravan in mind, but you need to be realistic about what you can actually afford to purchase. We are always happy to help customers get the most out of their budget, and also offer finance packages, so speak to us today about our deals, models on offer and finance plans. We offer competitive pricing and always guarantee to offer you the best price available.

  • At Glossop Caravans we are passionate about finding our customers the perfect caravan for their budget. We love caravans, and believe they are truly the best and most exciting way to get outdoors and see some of the most stunning locations in the UK and Europe. We are here to help, and our friendly and highly experienced team are here to answer any questions you have about our used caravans, while assisting you in every stage of the purchasing process – right up until you drive away. We then go on to support our customers into the future with our regular maintenance services.

    Since 1976 we've helped thousands of people find their ideal caravan complete with accessories, awnings and servicing. Our esteemed standing in the caravan retail world means that some of the country's leading caravan makers such as Coachman, Elddis and Swift produce models exclusively for us.

    We have over 600 caravan models to choose from – have a browse on our website at some of the photographs and take a 360 virtual tour of our caravan interiors. Or why not come and visit us on site? We are located on the main A57 at Glossop, complete with the scenic backdrop of the Peak District. Give us a call or see us in store today to buy the used caravan of your dreams and see the world in a whole new way.