Coachman ABC Warranty

Your caravan is covered by a 3 year warranty. To activate this warranty your selling dealer must forward the signed and completed Registration Form contained in the Service,Warranty and Technical Data Manual within one week of purchase. It is a condition of this warranty that a service and safety check is carried out by your caravan dealer at least once every year (12 months from the date of purchase), within the period 90 days before to 90 days after the anniversary of the purchase date for interim years but BEFORE THE ANNIVERSARY ON THE FINAL YEAR in accordance with the National Caravan Council recommendations. For further information please read your policy documents in your Service,Warranty and Technical Data Manual. IF YOU HAVE A “WARRANTY” PROBLEM We sincerely hope you will never have cause to complain about your caravan. However, if things do go wrong, the course of action for you is to contact your dealer and explain the difficulty you are having. We are confident they will do their utmost to resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction. The dealer from whom the caravan is purchased is liable for warranty repairs. Any other approved dealers may carry out work on a caravan at his own convenience or discretion, but is not obliged to do this. Your caravan is supplied to you with a manufacturer’s warranty guarantee that is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase as detailed in your Service,Warranty and Technical Data Manual.