South Korea Caravan Export

South Korea Caravan Export

At Glossop Caravans we can arrange safe, secure and reliable storages and forwarding of caravans using our shipping partner. We will find you the best price for shipping to the desired destination. Throughout the entire process our overseas sales team will liaise with you sending you photographs and 360⁰ panoramic images of the caravan, ensuring total confidence with the service provided by Glossop Caravans. The caravan once purchased is checked through meticulously any faults are listed so that our workshop can rectify before delivery.

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Once the caravan has been cleared from our workshop we re-check the caravan thoroughly ensuring that all the jobs have been completed and it has been cleaned to our high standards.

Your caravan is delivered to the chosen shipping companies depot where their experienced staff will prepare it for shipment. Some external components are removed as requested, moveable internal items are secured and the windows and outer edges are protected.

Then the caravan is secured within a container to ensure maximum protection and promote total confidence for the safety of the caravan while in transit.

Once the caravan is secure they take a photographs to provide proof of the absolute security of the caravan destined for transportation.

The specialised caravan shipping services operate to every major dock around the world.

However we can arrange shipping to any worldwide destination. If you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact us direct.