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  • At Glossop Caravans we have hundreds of caravans for sale. There is a caravan to suit everyone – all you need to do is decide how you want to use your caravan. Do you want the ability to travel and discover new places? Then a touring caravan is what you need. Do you have a favourite spot in which to spend your leisure time? Then a static caravan may be perfect for you. At Glossop Caravans we have touring caravans for sale and a good range of static caravans for sale.

    So how do you take that first step? Once you know whether it is a touring caravan or a static caravan you need there is plenty of advice out there. The Camping and Caravanning Club and the Caravan and Motorhome Club both offer valuable advice about choosing a used caravan. Your choice of where to purchase is also very wide; there are caravans for sale on gumtree and ebay – some of these are personal sales and other may be caravan dealers; the same goes for Autotrader caravans – there is good information and choice but check if you are buying from an individual or a dealer. Often a caravan trader will be able to offer some sort of warranty that will give you peace of mind.

    At Glossop Caravans for example all our used caravans for sale come with an exclusive Platinum warranty which as well as covering a host of mechanical and electrical part also protects against water ingress until the caravan is 15 years old. – a fantastic bonus when buying a used caravan.

    You will find caravan dealers with caravans for sale in the UK up and down the country. Caravans for sale in Scotland are popular as there is an abundance of scenic routes and locations to visit. Where ever you are in the country simply do an online search for caravan dealers near me or caravans for sale near me and you will have a host of local opportunities to try.

    You will often find static caravans for sale on site. If you purchase a static caravan you will need to have somewhere to site it – these spots can be difficult to find especially in popular locations – so buying a static caravan on site is often a good idea.

    Wherever you decide to purchase – do your homework and protect your investment. Cheap caravans for sale may look like a bargain but you could also make quite an outlay and then be disappointed and spoil your holiday dreams.

  • Glossop caravans have used caravans for sale from virtually every British manufacturer and a number of foreign designs too. You will see many familiar names Swift Caravans. Bailey caravans, Lunar Caravans, Elddis Caravans, Coachman Caravans and some less familiar - Hobby caravans, Knauss Caravans and Eriba caravans for sale.

    All these brands have been around for some time now and have continually progressed in the field of engineering lightweight and practical vehicles. If you see a vintage caravan for sale and compare it with one built in the last 20 years you will quickly see how the material used have changed and made a huge difference in both the quality and usability.

    A preloved caravan for sale is often a good way to get started in the caravan and camping lifestyle. Using recognised caravan dealers and caravan traders can you give you peace of mind more so that making a private caravan sale.

    At Glossop Caravans all our used caravans for sale undergo a 122-point check before being despatched to their new owners. This together with the Platinum warranty ensures that you get off to good start.

    Most caravan dealers will have a caravan accessories store. All the things you need to equip your used caravan purchase from toilet chemicals to lightweight cooking and dining sets, from awning pegs to water and power supplies.

    Used touring caravans for sale at Glossop Caravans; whichever brand you choose you can be sure of a safe and comfortable home from home in which to start your caravan adventures.

  • This will obviously depend on how many of you will travel together. Are you a couple looking for a cosy small caravan? Are you a large family with 4 energetic children to cater for? Do you like to travel with friends?

    Used caravans for sale come in many different shapes and sizes so what’s the priority? First of all would have to be the number of beds – the usual choices would be 2- berth caravan, 4 berth caravan or 6 berth caravan. One of the beauties of caravanning though is you can instantly increase your sleeping arrangements with the addition of an awning. An awning can double he floor space of your used caravan and provide either living or sleeping space with the addition of inner tents.

    Once you know the size of the caravan you will need you will need to look at the weight. Although caravans are getting lighter there is still careful planning to be done as your and caravan have to be well matched in order for it to tow well and safely. Your caravan dealer wil be able to advise you on this as well as whether or not your driving licence allows you to drive the combination.

    When you are looking to buy a caravan, you will also want to think about how you will be using it. If you are going to spend a lot of time indoors you will probably want to maximise your space. Bunk beds are often found in larger 6 berth caravans for sale – usually located at the rear of the caravan some are permanently fixed and even have 3 storey bunks. Others, often found in a four berth caravans for sale, can be dropped down from the wall over existing seating. Generally, in all used touring caravans the lounge seating will transform into a double or two single beds.

    If you are intending on spending most of your time outdoors, or floor space inside is not an issue you may prefer to choose a fixed bed option. This option is getting more popular in new caravans for sale and as a result more and more are filtering down into the used caravan market. Island beds, fixed side beds, French beds are all types of fixed beds – you don’t need to alter your seating in order to make up the bed and you can divide the caravan into a bedroom and living space giving you further lifestyle options.

    Other important decision will be based on kitchen and bathroom preferences. Central and rear positions are usual in all used caravans – small caravans and 2 berths often make use of the rear of the caravan for the kitchen space and its surprising how much functional space can be fitted in. Most caravan kitchens nowadays come with good sized ovens and hobs and full-size fridges and sometimes freezers. Cooking in a second-hand caravan does not have to be hard work.

    Many caravanners will visit sites with full facilities including toilet blocks and washing and showering facilities however used touring caravans for sale come equipped with excellent on-board facilities. A cheap caravan for sale may have the most basic facilities but it will still include a toilet and wash basin at the least. Moving up the scale towards a luxury caravan you will begin to see expertly crafted bathrooms with sleek fixtures and fitting and a shower room that wouldn’t look out of place in the bathroom at home.

    Take a look at the used caravans bolton for sale on the Glossop Caravans website – you can see inside each one and take a virtual tour to investigate all these layouts and decide which is most suited to your new holiday lifestyle. .