What Will Our Car Tow?

We'll make sure your car will tow your caravan when you've packed it with all the things you'll need on holiday!

Don’t worry if you can’t or don’t want to understand the technical formula needed to work out what your car can tow safely.

If you’d like to understand the way this is calculated click on the link below

This is for guidance and you should speak to one of our sales team for further advice before making your final choice.


Technical formula for safe towing

Two figures will help you calculate whether your car is capable of towing a particular caravan: the Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) of the caravan and the kerb weight of the car.


This is the maximum weight at which the caravan can legally be take on the road. It includes the unladen weight of the caravan (Mass in Running Order or MIRO), plus an allowance for essential items such as gas bottles, battery and water in the heater and toilet and User Payload, or things you plan to take on holiday, such as kitchen equipment and clothes.

Kerb weight

This is the weight of the car plus a full tank of fuel and normal equipment that you would carry in it. Details are determined by the manufacturer, and a few cars have a towing weight that is less than their kerb weight. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer's website.

The golden rule

Make sure that the caravan's MTPLM is less than the car's kerb weight, and you'll always have the perfect match!

Towing skills

Manoeuvring courses.

As a new caravanner you might wish to take a manoeuvring course. This will help you to get used to towing and reversing before you go out on the road. The Camping and Caravanning Club and the Caravan Club can help you locate a course near to you.

Licence categories

You should also check your driving licence; new regulations mean that for bigger and heavier caravans, newer drivers may need to top up their licence. We can check that for you, just give us a call.

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